Now textbooks are teaching nonsense about a Woman’s figure.

The biggest tension of today’s parents is to find out the best school for their kids.  We visit to many schools and check their classrooms, ask about the teacher student ratio. Once we find the perfect school for our kids we feel satisfied. But is this it? We regularly check what our kids our watching on T.V.? What are they suffering on internet? But do we check their text books too. Mostly parents will say, NO, because we trust on our education system. Books are almost correct.

Then I am sorry, because I am going to wake you up. The Physical Education book  while describing the ‘physical and anatomical differences between male and female’, highlights what should be a ‘best’ shape of a female body. Its CBSE text book and it describes bizarre body measurements for female and claims, “36, 24, 36, shapes of female is considered best.”  Writer of this book mentioned another line to approve his idea of perfect body by writing “That is why in Miss World or Miss Universe competitions such type of shape is also taken into consideration.”.


This book is giving more information about the perfect body type. According to The book titled as Health and Physical Education Textbook authored by ‘Dr VK Sharma’ (Professor, Dept of Physical Education, DAV College, Cheeka, Haryana) and published by New Saraswati House this perfect figure ratio does not come by chance but it has to get after regular and various exercises.


Writer could not stop himself from pouring all his knowledge into this book. In the same chapter titled ‘Physiology and Sports’, there is a sub-head ‘Techniques of Motivation’. Amusingly, it specifies the presence of opposite sex as a key motivational factor.


Don’t we believe that the education we get from school is the foundation of our life? Is this what we learn from well known CBSE board’s text books?  Hope this book will revised soon and come up with realistic healthy body ratio. Although it’s not first time this sort of mistakes has been found out from text books.


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