Bhimrao Ambedkar Jayanti 2017: A who reform India.

Today India is celebrating 126th Birth Anniversary of  Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar. We know him as the farther of constitution. But this is not a complete introduction of  Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Babasaheb fought for India’s independence not before 15 august 1947 only but after this independence too. He was an Indian jurist, politician and social reformer. He supports the inter caste marriage that of that time when thinking about it was considered a sin.

Babasaheb’s journey from “Aam” to “khas” is very inspiring too. Now days we hardly believe in so called caste system. But Babasaheb faced the discrimination from upper caste people. Being born in a untouchable caste was worse than anything in his time.  People belonging to the Scheduled castes or the untouchables were not even allowed to hear the scriptures. They could never even come in close proximity of a temple, as the precincts of the temple would get polluted and impure by even the shadow of an untouchable falling on it. Although in some places things didn’t change much till now.


After all the discrimination Babasaheb Ambedkar started his education. In 1907, he passed his matriculation examination and entered the Elphinstone College of the University of Bombay, becoming one of the first persons of untouchable origin to enter a college in India. ater he went to London to study law and became a barrister. Being a person with limited means, and unable to buy all the text books required by him, most of his time was spent in the British Museum Library in London.

His quest of knowledge has earned him law degrees and multiple doctorates for his study and research in law, economics and political science from Columbia University and the London School of Economics. He was fond of reading and always keeps a book with him.

If you feel you have hurdles in your way of success than look at the journey of Babasaheb. He was not supposed to sit with upper caste students in school so he left them behind by earning knowledge. In true words Babasaheb was not only the leader of some particular caste, he was the leader and creator of modern india.


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