How to keep kids away from Television.(1 min. read)

Summer vacations are going to get start. This favorite time of the year for kids is often the most stressful time of the year for parents. In summer vacations kids love to watch Television. all the day. So many cartoon shows are there which telecast from morning to till night. Too much television has a detrimental effect on all of us. It’s been linked to obesity, particularly in children. But asking for kids not to watch television is not just sufficient.

Here are few ways which can help you to take away your kids from television.

Develop reading habit in them :

summer vacation is the right time to let your kid develop a hobby. Here for one hobby you will have to motivate them. Gift them good story books like Ramayan or others and encourage them to read them. Here are few books with very attractive illustration. Better illustrations always attract the kids.

Give them creative jobs:

So many worksheets are available for the kids of up to 8th, and due to summer vacations discounts are also going on these worksheets. You can order them and they will to your door step in 2-3 days. With help of these worksheets you can engage your kids and they will learn something new as well. And yes, your ultimate goal of not letting them watch too much of television will be achieved.

Take them out:

Here we don’t really mean that you plan a vacation to some other city. But taking your children out for walk or in a park on regular basis can be possible in summer vacation. As in school times kids are busy with school schedule. Taking kids out will make the bond between parents and kids stronger and kids too will learn so many things and that too unknowingly.

Talk to them :

Talk to your kids. Tell them stories, motivate them to make one from own their own. We need reminded that children learn more from us than any toy or TV show.



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